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Talking Oregon - Colorado Basketball With Addicted To Quack

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A Colorado snow storm is threatening the chances that tomorrow nights game will go on as scheduled, but that won't stop us from taking a look at the Ducks. After defeating Utah in a slightly closer than expected game in Salt Lake City on Thursday night, Oregon's previously scheduled flight into Denver was cancelled today after the Denver area got over 8 inches of snow (and it's still coming down) and the Ducks are left scrambling to get rebooked and are unsure when they will arrive in Boulder. Advantage Buffs.

The SB Nation Oregon site, Addicted to Quack asked us if we would join their Tuesday night podcast to talk Colorado basketball and Parker Baruh happily obliged. You can listen to their podcast below. They start off with a review of Oregon's recruiting class so you're probably going to want to jump ahead to the 30 minute mark when they transition to CU-UO. We'll keep everyone updated on the status of tomorrow night's game.