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Colorado Pulls Away Late, Beats Utah 55-48

Just like the Arizona State game, Colorado came out rather sluggish and made the game more difficult than it should have been, however, they held on and won 55-48. The Buffaloes played awful for most of the game and barely pulled out a victory. Andre Roberson was the lone bright spot again adding 12 points and 15 rebounds. Ultimately, the Buffaloes were able to hang on, but their performance today was not at all indicative of their true ability.

Things the Buffaloes did well: The Buffaloes didn't do too many things well in today's game. Spencer Dinwiddie helped the Buffaloes out when they needed some offense in the second half by pushing the ball and getting some easy buckets in transition. He only had 9 points, but they were an efficient 9 points as he went 2-4 from the field and 5-6 from the free throw line. Additionally, Andre Roberson was crucial down the stretch in the second half. He showed off his mini fadeaway post shot and Utah couldn't stop it. Although the Buffaloes shot terribly from the field, they were 15-19 from the free throw line, which was much needed for the victory.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: The defense in the second half was very inconsistent. They were late getting back and gave up way too many open looks. Austin Dufault couldn't stop Jason Washburn's jump hook at all. He struggled fronting Washburn in the post and continued to allow easy looks. In the first half, Colorado took a lot of ill-advised shots. They came out acting like they thought they already had the game won before it started. Also, the bench had a sloppy game. Askia Booker and Jeremy Adams were a combined 2-9 and had 5 turnovers together. Overall, it was a very ugly game for the Buffaloes and they most likely wouldn't have beat another team in the Pac-12 with this performance.

Up Next: Colorado will take on Stanford this Thursday and California on Sunday. These are two must win games for the Buffaloes. If they play like they did against Arizona State or how they played today, they won't come close to winning. The Buffaloes need to up their intensity and play like they have been all season at home.