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The Future Is Bright, Colorado Approves Contract Extensions For Tad Boyle And Linda Lappe

We have plenty more signing day coverage coming your way, but I wanted to take a quick moment and highlight the good news that came today on the basketball front. The University of Colorado Board of Regents today approved contract extensions for the men's and women's basketball coaches Tad Boyle and Linda Lappe. The extensions will keep them on the University's books until April 30, 2016 (and hopefully much longer) and have plenty of bonuses and escalators for success on and off the court. So far, both hires have fantastic and have helped both programs on an upward trajectory in the Pac-12.

CU is proposing that Boyle earn a 3 percent merit raise, increasing his base salary to $165,830. His compensation package is unchanged and amounts to nearly $429,000, which includes, for example, $180,000 for radio, television and public apperances.

Beginning in 2013, Boyle can also earn up to $200,000 annually for incentive compensation, which includes benchmarks such as academic progress for student-athletes. In 2012, his annual incentive compensation can amount to $100,000.

The new agreement also increases performance incentives, with a sliding scale of bonuses for winning records and making it to post-season tournaments. For example, if the team wins 21 regular season games, Boyle will get a bonus of $30,000, which is up from his previous contract that offered $10,000. If he's named "Conference Coach of the Year," he can earn $30,000, up from $10,000. A Buffs' NCAA Championship would net him $750,000, up from his previous incentive of $250,000.

Roll Tad and eh, go Linda (guess we need a nickname there too). A great day for the University of Colorado continues.