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Daily Camera Source Confirms Women's Lacrosse To University Of Colorado

Taking a quick break from signing day, a source has confirmed to Buffzone that women's lacrosse will be the next sport added to the University of Colorado. We had guessed as much back in January when Mike Bohn first announced that the school would be adding a women's team, but this is the first confirmation that we have seen. Some interesting stuff in the story, so go over and check it out.

Earlier this month Bohn said that girls lacrosse is the fastest growing sport at the high school level in Colorado and much of the rest of the nation and that it would make sense for many reasons for CU to add women's lacrosse. Bohn said at that time the department is targeting the 2013-14 school year for the new women's program to begin competing. He said it could compete as a club sport prior to that.

Startup costs for the program will be relatively minimal with no new facilities required.Women's lacrosse is played in the spring and the CU team would play in Folsom Field and likely use the practice bubble and the same outdoor practice fields utilized by the football team.

The program will compete in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation in the sport because the Pac-12 Conference does not sponsor women's lacrosse. That could change in the future because CU will be the fifth Pac-12 school to field a women's lacrosse program along with Stanford, Cal, Oregon and USC.

The University of Denver also competes in the MPSF and DU coach Liza Kelly said she was thrilled when she heard Colorado was considering adding the sport.