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Dan Mullen Interviewing At Colorado? Maybe

When I got out of Church* this Sunday morning, I learned that the rumors of Dan Mullen coming to Boulder to interview for our head coaching job might be true. Or not.

*read: bed

The Mississippi State blog, 'For Whom The Cowbell Tolls has a very thorough write-up of the rumors that came to a head last night on twitter, their sources, their possible validity, and what the folks in Starkville think.

All of the smoke seems to have come from a statement on the radio here in Denver, essentially claiming that Mullen would be participating in an interview with Colorado

aaaaaand that's it. There hasn't really been any corroboration of the original source information, just other people effectively saying "yes, I saw that tweet. It was a good-lookin' one, too."

So. Is Dan Mullen coming to Boulder for an interview? Maybe. He could be in our town... right now... in our coffee shops... in our fair-trade-grocery stores... ...he could be... RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

Or not.