Senior Banquet

Guys, if you have the means, this is a great opportunity to either attend or donate to the senior banquet:

We're coming off a terrible season, and all of these guys have experienced disappointing careers, win-wise, but they've worked their asses off for our program, and deserve our respect and gratitude.

Doug Rippy- 5th year senior. Doug was responsible for us recruiting Rodney Stewart. He's suffered through an injury plagued career, but was excellent last year before he got hurt. He never seemed fully recovered from that injury.

Ray Polk- 5th year senior. Ray came in as a 4 star recruit in the same class that yielded Darrell Scott as a 5 star recruit. Made the decision on his own to redshirt and switch to defense. He also had an injury plagued career and fought to play through many of them. He was also a truly sober voice through all of the turmoil he faced.

Ryan Dannewitz- 5th year senior. Ryan was an offensive line stalwart, consistently the first guy off the bench at both tackle spots and right guard. He was in place to join the staff as either a graduate assistant or intern next year.

Will Pericak- 5th year senior. Will came to CU from Boulder High as a TE/ LB, but started 4 years as a defensive tackle. Made some, um, questionable decisions in his personal life (who hasn't in college?), but represented the Buffs well in he classroom and on the field.

Dustin Ebner- 5th year senior. Dustin worked his way up from a walk on to earn a scholarship and was productive when called upon.

Eric Richter- 5th year senior. Eric was a JC transfer that yo-yoed between the offensive and defensive lines. The strongest man in our program, he provided valuable depth this year on the offensive line.

Jon Major- 5th year senior. Jon suffered through an injury plagued career and never fulfilled his promise. But he was consistent and did everything his coaches asked of him, while also doing a great job of being a leader for his younger teammates.

Nick Kasa- senior. Nick came to Colorado as a top ranked recruit, but struggled through injuries and never fulfilled his promise as a defensive end. He eventually found his role as a tight end and showed a lot of promise by the end of his tenure.

These guys all did their best for the program, and deserve all the respect in the world. I neglected their NFL potential for a reason- it doesn't matter. Because these guys are world class Buffs, regardless of the coach. I am extremely grateful for their contributions, and I thank them for that.

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