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Fanthropology: Tell Us Why You're A Buffs Fan For A Chance To Attend The Bowl Of Your Choice

The goal here is simple: Tell us why you stand Shoulder to Shoulder with your fellow Buffs and win a chance to attend the college football game of your choice all expenses paid.


We all have a story. Whether we grew up as life long Buffaloes fans, fell in love with the athletics during our time as students or were drawn in by a specific season or player, we all found our way to the University of Colorado. Hyundai came to SB Nation for help trying to find the best story of "fandom" and we're going to nominate one winner from each of our college blogs to find out. The fan selected next will win an all-expenses paid trip for two to the college football game (bowls included) of their choice.

Most of you know my story. Following my senior year in Texas I was enrolled at CU and getting ready to make the move when, in July, ole man Woods (who lived in CT and was paying for four years of school) informed me that there was "no way in hell" he was paying out-of-state tuition that high. So a month before my college career was to start I applied to Oklahoma because the pictures in the brochure "looked nice" and some friends were heading that way. A few weeks later I was driving into a state I had never stepped foot in to spend the next four years of my life.

While I wouldn't change that experience for anything (hard to argue with five straight wins over Texas and three national title appearances with one win) I hit the road to Colorado shortly after I was done with school. Always a fan of the Buffs, even while in school, and a rabid college sports fan, I was ready to begin to dive in to everything University of Colorado athletics. This was 2007-2008. The coverage wasn't there. Yea, there was the Post, RMN, and BDC and a few message boards here and there, but nothing to satiate the need for Buffs info 24/7. So, frustrated with that lack of coverage, myself and a native co-worker (yes, that's Bob) decided to just do it ourselves and start our own Buffaloes blog. Later that day, in April of 2008, the Ralphie Report was born.

Four and a half years and struggle after struggle after struggle and my love for the University has grown exponentially. We aren't reporters on the Colorado "beat", covering a team because it's our jobs and trying to stay impartial. This is a team of writers (and our understanding wives, girlfriends and families) devoting hours upon hours of their free time to write about the program that they love. We ARE partial. We love this team and this program. Outside of some very small financial stipends, the only thing we get for our time is to be part of this wonderful community. To share our thoughts and our opinions and hope that you will share yours as well.

Then every so often, and hopefully more and more frequently, we get a season like last year's tournament run. A chance to share in the joy and excitement in seeing a team and a program rise from the ashes. And I'll tell you what, it makes it worth it. Every single game thread with no comments. Every single losing recap. It all becomes part of the journey. Maybe, just maybe we'll see that with the football program soon as well. But either way, we'll be here keeping you company in misery or bliss. That's my (our) story.

That's it. It's as easy as telling me your story in the comments. We'll read every one and select our nominee. Early next week, we'll contact him or her to make sure you're down to participate in a second post where you and I will talk about your fandom interview style. That entry will be posted on our site and entered as a finalist across the college network where a panel will pick a winner. Get to work.

You may only submit one entry across the SB Nation network. First chronological submission counts.

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