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RR Radio - Breaking Down The Colorado Coaching Search With Vic Lombardi

A special edition of Ralphie Report Radio to discuss the firing of Jon Embree and where to go from here.


After hearing Vic Lombardi finally sounded like the voice of reason amongst the local media in his interview with Joel Klatt yesterday morning Parker and I reached out to have him join our scheduled podcast last night. Vic kindly obliged and helped us deliver a greta breakdown of the situation around the Colorado Buffaloes football program. He gives a nice outsiders perspective that is sometimes hard to get from those on the Colorado beat.

After Vic leaves us we discuss the situation in Boulder a little bit further before assessing the basketball season to date and previewing the upcoming three-game stretch for Tad Boyle and company.

Season 2 Episode 6:

- Discussing the Embree firing and who will coach the Buffaloes next with Vic Lombardi.
- Taking a look at the basketball season to date.

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By Jon Woods