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Buffs vs. Huskies Game Recap: Buffs Lose The Second Half

This was going to be the football game to watch. The Buffaloes held UW to a season-low 7 first-half points. Then in the second half, everything unraveled.

In some ways this was the game to watch. Against #25 ranked Washington, Colorado held the Huskies to a season-low 7 first-half points. In other ways, this game told us what we already know; that Christian Powell has talent but is not Superman (yet), and that this team still has a long way to go.

Colorado started the game with Connor Wood, who showed us that he has legs and hands and feet. But maybe not arms... Or a brain. The jury's out, and so was he after his second interception in five series, in favor of Jordan Webb.

A combination of defensive prowess and UW's mental sluggishness held their first half score to 7, but the statistical comparison was clearly in favor of the visiting Huskies. Parker Orms still plays, Ray Polk still gets injured, and the Buffs still yield yardage, and it could've been a lot more.

Then in the second half, the dam broke. In quick succession, the Huskies scored two touchdown on quick drives, and ultimately, Washington had four scoring drives in the third quarter, scoring 17 points to the Buffaloes 3.

By the end, Washington's Keith Price had tied a school record for TD passes in a game, at 5. On offense, Colorado did not eclipse 100 yards until the last 4 minutes of the game.

The Buffaloes had a chance in this game, but could not capitalize on the turnovers they took, and alternately gave away 4 turnovers themselves.

This was going to be the game to watch. Maybe next year, it will be.