Scouting Report- Devin Ross (and a bunch of other nonsense)

So I'm watching the Alemany/ Mater Dei CIF playoff game. This is what I see:

Ross starts off with a 30 yard kickoff return. Followed that up with a 27 yard reception on a double fake reverse trick play thing. After that... Not much. Alemany gave up three straight sacks following the Ross reception, and had to punt- poorly. It netted 5 yards. Interestingly, Steven Mitchell (all world USC WR recruit) is also Alemany's punter and kickoff guy.

Ross then recovered a fumble at CB and a really nice tackle on a stretch run play as well. Thus far, he was looking better on defense than on offense. He had one other opportunity at WR, but had an under thrown deep ball get knocked away. He also had a great downfield block to help spring Mitchell for a long TD. Ross also got beaten on a jump ball as a CB by Mater Dei WR Thomas Duarte. No real shame in that- Duarte has 6 inches and probably 30 pounds on Ross. Needless to say- he also has an offer from CU, and could play TE or OLB (I'd guess). He's really good, is what I'm saying. /END FIRST HALF


Alemany runs an EXTREME spread offense. 4 wide from sideline to sideline. It's hard to see how Ross fits into our offense. And when they run a tight formation, Ross doesn't appear to be on the field. One guy we should be recruiting (for 2014)- Quentin Tartabull from Alemany. 6'0" 190 lbs, playing basically a LB position but listed at safety. He's all over the field and is an extremely sound, hard hitting tackler. Also, that's a pretty cool name (son of former MLB outfielder Danny Tartabull, which might interest only me)

Anywho... Duarte gets another TD by just basically being taller than Ross and outjumping him on a 30 yard jump ball. Ross is there, but he's 5'10" and Duarte is 6'3." Just so you know, Mater Dei has just as stupid a kickoff philosophy as Colorado. They squib kick... to the best player on the field (Steven Mitchell). Ross catches a nice 7 yard slant that he runs 3 more yards for the first. Follows that up with a beautiful post route from 20 yards out, frames himself nicely against his DB with another closing, and catches the ball over his shoulder in stride for an easy TD.

Brandon Boyd (2014) is also worth keeping an eye on. He's not a big guy, but he's everywhere the ball should be at safety. Mater Dei also has a senior LB/ FB in JC Denova (6'1" 205 lbs) who is aggressive as hell. He just gets after it. 8.5 sacks this season and is always in the backfield. Good taking carries as well. I doubt he's offerable, but I'd throw him a preferred walk on spot in a heart beat.

My favorite player so far is #54 on Alemany, who looks like a big fat Hobbit. He's like 5'3" and is their center. BUT HE IS ADORABLE. The best pass of the night- from Alemany QB Devon Dunn on a rollout 30 yard fade to DeSean Holmes in the corner of the end zone. Holmes is a sophomore. Just a perfect throw.

And now Devin Ross just gets beat, really really badly, by Ben Humphries for a 50 yard TD. He looked like a CU corner on that play. Not sure what he was seeing. He just got torched. Luckily we're not recruiting him as a corner. Replay makes it look like Ross was looking inside and cheating. 42-39 Alemany over Mater Dei right now. On 3rd and 12, Ross has a step on the corner on a streak route, but the QB overthrows him by about 10 yards. Jeez, I love Genova so much. It's not like anyone else wants our scholarships. Give one to this guy. Genova TD 46-42 Mater Dei over Alemany. 2:29 left.

Devin Ross misses on another jump ball. He actually did a good job fighting for it, but the pass was not in his favor. Now a pass intended for Ross bounces off his hip, bounces to a defender, and gets run back to the 10 yard line.Terrible pass by the QB. Genova with another TD. 53-42 Mater Dei.

And then MD intercepted a pass THE END! You're welcome for my terrible and rambling coverage of CU Buffs commit Devin Ross. And all that other stuff.

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