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Colorado Tight End Mitch Parsons Decommits From The Buffaloes

Colorado has lost (for now?) the best current verbal commitment in this 2013 recruiting class.

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The Colorado Buffaloes have lost the highest ranked commitment in their 2013 football recruiting class and another local player. Chaparral tight end Mitch Parsons has decided to reopen his recruitment after committing to the Buffaloes in late March.

It certainly hurts to lose a great football player, especially one from Colorado, but let's remember that Mitch is just opening things back up and may in fact still end up a Buffalo. He was planning on taking other visits even when he was still verbally committed so things have changed as drastically as they may appear.

In an interview with Mitch in May, he told us why he had given his pledge to Jon Embree and the Buffs.

Probably two weeks before that I just had a gut feeling. I went up to the junior day and I came down and the family feeling up there, the family feeling is unlike anywhere else. I visited Nebraska, I visited ASU and I really didn't want to go far. As far as I would go west is Stanford, which granted is as far as you can go, but that would have been the only school that I, I mean I've heard the other schools out there are nice, but I've always rooted for Stanford, or I did at least. I wouldn't have wanted to go any farther than probably Oklahoma. I basically had an offer from BYU and Virginia. BYU said I was unanimously voted for an offer but they had a policy where I had to be on campus and Virginia was too far.

I just had a gut feeling and all the coaches that had gone through there and all the coaches that had come back... when I went to ASU I just didn't get that feeling. Colorado is beautiful, with the mountains and everything's green and we have all four seasons. There's not many places better in the United States to play football than Colorado and I realized that when I went to Arizona. Colorado was only taking one tight end and I wanted that to be me.

Let's hope that this is the only decommitment for this Colorado class and maybe, just maybe, Parsons will end up a Buffalo.