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An Hour In The Buff - Is There Any Hope For Football? How Good Can This Basketball Team Be?

The second episode of An Hour in the Buff has arrived with a break down of the football programs progress to date (negative) and an introduction to basketball season (positive)

The time has finally arrived for episode two of our YouTube show. An Hour in the Buff is a collaboration between myself, Adam Munsterteiger and William Whelan of the fantastic Rivals Colorado Buffaloes site, Buff Stampede. The show will cover everything Buffaloes football and basketball, both the current teams and recruiting.

Plans were to keep this episode a little shorter, but we had so much to talk about that it was impossible. So I went through and broke out the topics in case you'd like to jump around to different sections.


:01 - What is the mood and feeling around the program right now?
7:03 - Were there any positive takeaways from the USC game?
10:29 - Tight ends - Nick Kasa and Vincent Hobbs, the freshmen learning curve
13:55 - Looking ahead at Oregon, Jordan Webb starting and the quarterback position
20:38 - Breaking the progress of the wide receivers
22:47 - Oregon injury updates
24:24 - Recruiting talk
26:16 - State of the basketball program and excitement for the season
30:50 - Should Buffs fans be worried about Tad Boyle leaving?
34:08 - What freshman will make the biggest impact?
37:45 - How much growth should we expect from Spencer Dinwiddie and Askia Booker?
39:54 - What under the radar returning player could have a big year?
42:07 - Buffs early season schedule and the Charleston Classic
44:40 - What is one reason why fans should temper their expectations for this season?

If you would just like to listen to the show, you can hear an audio version below.

Finally, as you might notice, I have a ridiculous looking mustache. Don't worry, it's for the kids. I participated in Mustache 4 Cash this month and today is the final day for donations. If you'd like to donate, feel free. All proceeds go to the Youth Opportunity Foundation here in Colorado. If not, it's no problem at all.

Let us know what you think of the show!