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What Buffaloes Questions Do You Have?

Submit your discussion topics and we will talk about them on episode 2 of An Hour In The Buff tonight!

Yep, Webb is starting again on Saturday.
Yep, Webb is starting again on Saturday.
Stephen Dunn

Tonight Adam Munsterteiger and I will be filming the second episode of An Hour in the Buff at Blake Street Tavern in Denver at 8:00 p.m. This week we will be joined by new BuffStampede assistant editor and basketball guru, William Whalen, to help lead us into basketball season.

Because this season has been so trying and we have had some great discussion about the team, coaching staff and program in general on the site the last few days, I wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to have us discuss what's on your mind. Football, basketball, it doesn't matter. Submit your best questions or discussion topics in the comments below and I will make sure the best make the show. Adam and William know these programs as well as anyone and I, well I have opinions about things.

If you are in the area and want to come join us for the filming and say hello head over to Blake Street Tavern. Tuesday night is half-priced bottles of wine night, so look for my red teeth on the show this week...