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2012 BlogPoll Week Eight Ballot - Gators Just Keep Winning

Our week eight BlogPoll ballot, where Florida jumps the Fighting Irish to take the four spot.

Chris Trotman

Next Five:
26) Arizona
27) Oklahoma State
28) Toledo
30) Texas

See my Pac-12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Pac-12 Rankings:
1) Oregon
2) Oregon State
3) USC
4) Stanford
5) Arizona
6) Arizona State
8) Washington
9) California
10) Utah
11) Washington State
12) Colorado

- I'm sorry but the Buffs have returned to the cellar. Would WSU be 47.5 point dogs in Eugene? Nope.

- Anyone else think Arizona could give the Trojans trouble in Tucson this weekend or am I being biased again?

What would you change? Who would you move up or down?