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Boyle Wraps Up Basketball Recruiting Class For 2013

Tad Boyle has now added Tre'Shaun Lexing to this year's recruiting class. With Lexing, Jaron Hopkins, and Dustin Thomas, the class is now set and poised to continue Colorado's rise in becoming a legitimate basketball program.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

The 2013 basketball recruiting class is set for the Colorado Buffaloes and just as you would expect, Tad Boyle reeled in another great group of commits. The recruits had offers from schools like Arizona, Washington State, UCLA and Oklahoma, but the three of them all took official visits to Colorado and committed either on their trip or right after they left.

The first commit of the season, 6'5" Jaron Hopkins, is ranked by Rivals as a four-star recruit, 107th overall and ESPN has him listed as the best player in Arizona. He's a guard with incredible leaping ability and can drive to the hoop with ease. He needs to work on his shot and decision making, but in the open court, he's lethal. A great aspect of his game is how effortless he makes it look posting up smaller players and exploits them often with it. Hopkins can finish in a variety of ways and is a very good passer.

Commits Dustin Thomas and Tre'Shaun Lexing are both Rivals 3 star players at 6'8" and 6'6" respectively, but they are under-the-radar players who will provide a lot of flexibility and depth for the Buffaloes. Thomas can shoot the ball well from the outside and score inside. He needs to add size his frame, but he already has great length and a ton of upside. An asset of his game that Colorado doesn't have at this time is his ability to pick and pop. Ultimately, Thomas is a sleeper prospect that fits the mold of a hybrid forward who can cause multiple matchup problems. Colorado's final commit, Tre'Shaun Lexing, is another multi-dimensional player. He can defend, finish, and handle the ball well for his size. He's got a good looking shot, can get out in transition, and he's got great size for a wing player.

At first glance, the class doesn't look as promising as last year's class that had two top-100 recruits in Josh Scott and Xavier Johnson. However, when you delve into it, it's a perfect class for this team. Each player is nowhere close to one-dimensional. Hopkins can play the 1 or the 2; Thomas can play the 3 or the 4; and, Lexing can play the 2 or the 3. They all have NBA height and length for their position and they all fit into Tad Boyle's system. More importantly, is the fact that Tad Boyle has a specific set of skills he looks for in a recruit. All the commits from this class are long, athletic, have the ability to defend and can play multiple positions. This class is just another stepping stone in Colorado's path to become a team that is expected to the make the NCAA Tournament year in and year out.