Buffs Madness

OK, so it wasn't what people wanted it to be (people who likely din't go anyway). But shut up about it.

I made it to the volleyball game near the end of the second set. I was preoccupied by the men's lacrosse alumni game.

By the time I made it inside, CU was about to lose the second set, which they did. But then... magic!

We fought back to take the 3rd and 4th set, and then won the 5th to take the match. There was actually a decent crowd cheering by the end, and I choose to believe that we helped. I found my new favorite player in Nikki Lindow, who is all sorts of boss. We took down Arizona State. But still...

Then we had Buffs Madness. First came cheerleaders and the dance squad doing what they do. Then introductions of the team. The women brought up a few players- Jen Reese, Kyleesha Weston, um, maybe a Malcom-Peck... Whatever, it was boring. The men did the same. I think Spencer Dinwiddie (wearing a "The Mayor" sparkly shirt) even missed a couple of players. It was all dumb. The 3 point competition featured Chuckie Jeffrey vs Lexy Kresl on one side and Askia Booker vs. Sabatino Chen on the other.

(Let's break to allow me to say that I ranked Kresl 1 and Jeffery 2 vs Dinwidde 1 and Booker 2 for the 3 point).

Lexy Kresl took down Chuck Jeffery and Booker and Chen tied at 10. Booker won in overtime. Then Lexy took down Booker decisively.

In the women's scrimmage, I was impressed with the way Arielle Roberson mixed it up. She's not Andre, so let's get that out of our heads. But she's a solid, dirty forward who can get to the rim. I also liked Lauren Huggins' activity from the wing. Chucky wasn't great, but I don't care. I fully expect her to do Chucky things when it comes down to it. Kyleesha weston looks like another Wilson sister- she's just a rolling barrel of knives, and Swann looks solid in the post, once she acclimates to the speed of the game.

For the men's scrimmage- SH-T and Adams were both held out. Stalzer has some guns compared to what I've seen him in the past- he's ripped. He knocked down some threes and ran the point well. He's going to be a rotation player this year. Jenkins is skinny as hell and din't really get into the flow of the game. Talton has major bounce. Roberson looks thicker and was by far the best player on the floor, but it was a scrimmage- it was building to his strengths. Wes Gordon looks like a full grown man. I thought that Scott looked a little plodding and skinny, physically, during the warmups,but he blocked a couple of shots and flushed a couple of dunks. He's weird athletically, but man- I think he'll be able to ball. Johnson looked like an athlete trying to find his way as a basketball player. Booker missed about 70% of his dunks, but he was trying to entertain the crowd. He'll be fine.

We need someone who will sit back and drop threes. I used to compare Eli to Tomlinson, but I'm willing to explore Eli compared to Levi. I think he can do it. Gordon tried a couple of three's, but he needs to mix it up- he looks grown.

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