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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. Arizona State Sun Devils: (Not So) Quick Hits

Colorado was able to hang with Arizona State for one half of Football, but much like their game against UCLA, that was about all the Buffs had in their tank. Here's some quick analysis

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

My analysis?


  • We don't have enough talent.
  • We have slightly more talent than on Offense, but still not enough. They get worn down too quickly because there isn't nearly enough quality, experienced depth.
Special Teams:
  • They hadn't been terrible, but any momentum we might've had going into halftime (we know how quickly the wheels can fall off of this team) was ruined by that KO Return TD. Feh.
  • ...Adjustments?

I'm actually impressed by this team. I know it's hard to say, but look at the first half from each of the last two games. These are teams that are more talented than we are, and we've hung with them for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, Football is a 60 minute game. We do have another shot or two at a win in 2012, but we have a way to go before then. Getting healthy, or at least finding additional guys who can make an impact is a priority. Clearly, playing for 60 minutes is one as well. But the last two weeks have demonstrated that we've made some progress since that Fresno State Game (why do I keep bringing it up, it's just so painful?!?). Not enough to be winning, but it gives me hope that we can maybe hang with some of the teams we face over the next few weeks. Arizona State is pretty good, but we're facing the creme de la creme of the Pac 12 over the next month, and it would be nice if we could at least be competitive for as much of those games as possible.

But the biggest factor? Quarterback. I no longer know what the solution is there. I now truly believe the answer at QB isn't one of the top three guys there. I'm definitely a member of the Free John Schrock fan club now. We need something different there. I can't believe that there isn't anyone else on the roster that can make the throws & reads that Jordan Webb is making.

Anyway, I'm exhausted, and this Football team isn't helping things. But I'm strangely feeling okay with things. Guys, Jordan Webb is our Quarterback and we have been in each of the last two games up through halftime. I wish there were more positives than that, but that's something.

PS. I just lost any feelings of 'okay-ness' that I had. How have we fallen this far as a Football team?