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RR Radio S2E5 - Breaking Down The Arizona State Sun Devils

Get the low down on the Sun Devils with Ralphie Report Radio

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For the fifth episode of season we are joined by Brad Denny from House of Sparky to break down tonight's Arizona State match-up in Boulder. Tonight's game will play a big part in the trajectory this season takes from here on out so give a listen and be prepared for ASU.

After getting a perspective on the Sun Devils side of the game, Parker and I discuss the first ever BuffsMadness event tomorrow night and wrap up Tad Boyle's 2013 basketball recruiting class.

There are a couple of audio issues with Brad's portion so stick with it.

Season 2 Episode 5:

- Breaking down the Sun Devils with Brad Denny of
- Where do the Buffs stand coming off the bye week?
- Prepping for BuffsMadness

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