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Weekly Poll: Which Football Conference Is Best?

ESPN ranks the football conferences with math and stats, but we're interested in what your gut tells you. Vote Now!

SEC moves atop conference power rankings - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN

The SEC claimed the top spot in the ESPN Stats & Info's Conference Power Rankings for the first time this season after upsets shook up the Top 10 this weekend. The conference has seven teams ranked in the AP Top 25, including three of the top four teams in the nation. No other conference has more than four teams ranked in the Top 25.

Losses by Top-5 teams LSU and Georgia did not impact the SEC’s conference ranking because they lost to teams that were also in the Top 10. On the other hand, losses by TCU and Texas Tech impacted the Big 12 in the rankings since they lost to teams with worse records entering the game.

Pac-12 still third among power conferences - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

But the top two or top three isn't terribly notable. What is notable is the void between the top three and the rest of the major conferences. The Big Ten is now fourth but it trails the Pac-12 by 34.6 points. The ACC, after Florida State's tumble, is even behind the much-maligned Big East. The Pac-12 might be able to chip away at the Big 12 and SEC lead if it has a good weekend in road nonconference games. Stanford is at Notre Dame and Oregon State is at BYU.

Blah Blah Blah... What do YOU think? What's your gut tell you?