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Wednesday CU Buff Bites - Ray Polk Returns, Embree Press Conference Quotes

Buff Bites cover CU Sports and College football with news links, and Jon Embree's Press Conference Quotes. There is also a funny video.

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Colorado_mediumJon Embree Press Conference Quotes

Jon Embree Press Conference Quotes - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

On The Crowd This Season At Folsom Field

"We're really looking forward to Thursday night and having a great crowd. You guys have been tremendous for us all year. We got a commitment at the UCLA game from a kid who had a couple of SEC offers. He in fact had been committed to a school in the SEC. Him seeing our environment and our fans at Folsom Field; it convinced him to be a Buff. Don't underestimate the impact that you guys have on our recruits. We don't have any recruits in this weekend, but we will every other weekend. Your role and what you guys do is important and we really appreciate you guys.

On Safety Ray Polk

"He's back this week and it means a lot. The communication and all of that; we'll see how he feels today, but I think we'll have him back. If not, for some reason if we don't, we have to continue to move forward. He does a great job of getting guys lined up in formation. When you have young guys back there, it's important to have someone back there that not only knows what needs to be done, but is good about communicating it and not whispering it. He yells and makes sure guys see what's going on and then if it doesn't happen, he's able to cover for someone. When he went down at the CSU game, I knew in my heart that if he had been in there, two of their touchdowns wouldn't have happened. That's how big it is having someone like Ray Polk in the game."

On Freshman Defenders Taking On High Temp Offenses

"It can cause problems. We practice it a lot so they can see it. I think when you look at our last game; our issues weren't necessarily assignment issues but more physical issues. I think for our younger guys in the backend, you just have to simplify it, which we've done. A lot of times when you play those teams, you're in man coverage, so that makes it even easier for them. Most of the time, they understand that. You have to simplify what you're doing in the backend. Up front, there are some things that we're trying to do to help them. Again, there haven't been too many mental mistakes from those guys. If there have been issues, it's been from a physical standpoint. I expect that to continue to improve and get better. I really am pleased with our young guys and how they've played this year on both sides of the football. I think they have represented themselves well. Yeah, they make mistakes but at the same time I see a lot of them make plays. You see the confidence with them. As they gain more confidence and understand that they can play at this level, their talent will continue to shine. Having said that, it's going to be an entirely different issue when you play Oregon. The speed of how they do things is completely different from anything that we have seen or that we will see."

On ASU's Spread Offense

"They do a good job of spreading it around but they still have tendencies. You can still use those tendencies to help you prepare. Their go-to guy is really D.J. Foster, he's a true freshman. When they really need a play, I feel like that's the guy that they'll go to. Him or receiver [Rashad Ross]. Those are the guys that when it's crunch time, they'll look at. With D.J., they'll put him at running back, slot receiver, outside, they move him around. Same with [Jamal] Miles, those are their core playmakers. Not to say the other guys can't make plays or don't make plays, but I think when you look at it in crunch time, those are the guys they will probably go to first."

Colorado_mediumAlso, All State will have the Tailgate Tour and Mayhem van at CU on Thursday afternoon. Go to Lot 437 and win some prizes

Colorado_pac-12Stat attack! Some Week 7 Pac-12 numbers - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

Here is a quick look at some Pac-12 numbers and how they stack up nationally.

Sacks (per game) 21.
Chidera Uzo-Diribe, Colorado, 1.0

The NOC is apparently a new sports channel on YouTube. They've also made a video profiling 'Every Fan of College Football'

Go Buffs!