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Colorado Buffaloes Recruiting: Closing In On Signing Day

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Jon Embree and his staff are getting closer and closer to their second (and first full) recruiting class in Boulder. This years class has been nothing if consistent, with Tyler Henington pledging his college years to Colorado all the way back in March of last year and commitments coming nearly each month (outside of a slight slump in September and October) up until signing day tomorrow.

The two highest ranked commits in the class, cornerbacks Yuri Wright and Kenneth Crawley, both came aboard last week and were pretty big surprises to the outside recruiting community. The shift to a pro-style offense continues, with four running backs, two fullbacks (one of whom committed while I was writing this story and one who is already on campus), and three tight ends joining the team.

Most of the signing day intrigue for Buffs fans will come from the National Letters of Intent being faxed in from each of the current verbal commits. Colorado is nearing it's scholarship limit and may not have room for any more than one additional signature (if that) without heading into dangerous oversigning territory, which we would prefer to avoid.

The players that Embree would still accept signatures from are Seth Jacobs, the California linebacker prospect, and Jontrey Tillman, a Louisiana athlete who had formerly been committed to Stanford but recently found out that he would not be able to qualify.

Much more and and a list of current commits after the jump...

Whether or not the Buffaloes receive any additional signatures tomorrow, this class is already set to be a monumental one for the longevity and success of this staff. These players will lay the foundation for this team over the next few years of Jon Embree's tenure and will be key replacements for the few (11) current juniors whose eligibility will be up after the 2012 season is over.

Stay tuned to The Ralphie Report all day today and tomorrow for constant updates on the signing day 2012. Tomorrow we will have a running live blog updating when each and every player signs his letter of intent.

Join in the discussion that is already on-going in BIGXIITDOG's excellent discussion thread.

If you need even more recruiting coverage, I highly recommend signing up over at Adam does an incredible job (and has been a big help to us) and he offers a free 7-day trial period for new subscribers. Not only will you get a ton of 2012 coverage, but you'll get a jump start on 2013 as well.

Current Buffaloes 2012 Verbal Commits:

Name Pos Location High School Ht Wt 40 Stars Rating Committed
Shane Dillon QB El Cajon, CA Christian 6'5" 185 4.6 3 stars 5.7 5/12/11
Clay Norgard RB Highlands Ranch, CO Mountain Vista 6'2" 240 4.8 3 stars 5.6 2/17/11
Donta Abron RB Upland, CA Upland 5'9" 187 2 stars 5.4 12/12/11
Terrence Crowder RB Galena Park, TX Galena Park 5'10" 212 4.5 2 stars 5.2 6/13/11
Davien Payne RB Perris, CA Citrus Hill 5'11" 213 4.6 3 stars 5.6 8/9/11
Peyton Williams WR Southlake, TX Carroll 6'1" 185 4.5 3 stars 5.6 7/13/11
Gerald Thomas WR The Colony, TX The Colony 5'10" 170 4.4 3 stars 5.5 7/5/11
Jeffrey Thomas WR Duncanville, TX Duncanville 6'3" 180 4.7 3 stars 5.6 6/18/11
Vincent Hobbs TE Mesquite, TX Horn 6'3" 230 4.7 3 stars 5.6 1/29/12
Sean Irwin TE Cypress, TX Cy-Fair 6'4" 220 3 stars 5.5 8/28/11
Austin Ray TE Columbia, MO Rock Bridge 6'6" 235 3 stars 5.5 11/22/11
Jeromy Irwin OL Cypress, TX Cy-Fair 6'5" 289 3 stars 5.6 8/28/11
Gerrad Kough OL Pomona, CA Pomona 6'5" 270 2 stars 5.4 7/1/11
Tyler Henington DT Denver, CO Mullen 6'3" 265 3 stars 5.6 3/24/11
Kory Rasmussen DT Honolulu, HI Kamehameha School 6'3" 255 2 stars 5.4 12/19/11
Justin Solis DT Westlake Village, CA Westlake 6'3" 287 4.9 3 stars 5.6 7/13/11
Josh Tupou DT Buena Park, CA Buena Park 6'4" 302 3 stars 5.5 12/11/11
Kisima Jagne DE Chandler, AZ Chandler 6'5" 235 4.5 3 stars 5.7 12/9/11
Samson Kafovalu DE Riverside, CA Arlington 6'3" 253 3 stars 5.5 12/16/11
Derek McCartney DE Arvada, CO Faith Christian 6'4" 220 1/22/12
John Stuart DE Westlake Village, CA Westlake 6'4" 230 4.7 2 stars 5.4 12/5/11
De'Jon Wilson DE Washington, DC H. D. Woodson 6'3" 240 4.7 3 stars 5.5 11/28/11
Kenneth Crawley DB Washington, DC H. D. Woodson 6'1" 170 4 stars 5.8 1/23/12
Yuri Wright DB Ramsey, NJ Don Bosco Prep 6'2" 180 4 stars 5.9 1/24/12
John Walker DB Washington, DC H. D. Woodson 6'0" 175 3 stars 5.5 1/12/12
Jeffrey Hall DB LaPlace, LA St. Charles Catholic 5'11" 180 3 stars 5.5 1/29/12
Marques Mosley ATH Upland, CA Upland 6'1" 174 3 stars 5.5 12/20/11
Christian Powell ATH Upland, CA Upland 5'11" 250 3 stars 5.6 1/31/2011