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Colorado Comes Out Sloppy, Loses To UCLA 77-60

The Buffaloes had another disappointing road loss today as they lost to UCLA 77-60. Colorado played well in the first half, but couldn't keep their performance up at all in the second half. There were too many lazy passes, and the Buffaloes were very weak defensively all game. Although UCLA shot well, they had way too many open shots. This was the case for the Buffaloes when they played Arizona, but Arizona didn't make their open shots. For the Buffaloes, Askia Booker led the way with 13 points and Andre Roberson added 12 points and 10 rebounds. Overall, it was a disheartening performance by the Buffaloes and they were outplayed in every facet of the game.

Things the Buffaloes did well: In the first half, the Buffaloes stayed with the Bruins and were efficient on offense. They were patient against UCLA's defense and they waited for their shots. Colorado shot 46% from the field and 46% from the three point line throughout the game. Although the Buffaloes had good stretches of offense in the game, they couldn't do anything else efficiently.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: Colorado played lackadaisical all game and their defense has started to become inconsistent. One possession they will play good help defense and stay inside the three point line and the next possession they will be guarding their opponents way outside the three point line. Sloppy passes, players losing sight of the ball, and being late on help defense killed the Buffaloes all game. One thing that the Buffaloes don't have is a guy who won't let them lose. Colorado needs someone who can come out and get them a basket at any time to help them end opponents' runs and they currently don't have that. Also, the Buffaloes need to hit their free throw shots when they can't score from the outside. The Buffaloes shot 50% from the line tonight, which is unacceptable. Lastly, there were multiple occasions when Colorado couldn't even inbound the ball. At some points, it didn't even look like Colorado had an inbounds play. If Colorado wants to have any chance of winning the Pac-12, they need to improve vastly on the little things.

Up Next: The Buffaloes take on Oregon State this Thursday. The Buffaloes are a completely different team at home and should be able to win. Hopefully, they don't look past this game because they have a major matchup with Oregon on Saturday as well. More importantly, Colorado needs a sweep this week to stay in the hunt for the Pac-12 title.