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The Animal Style Shirts Have Arrived!

The Animal Style Ralphie Report t-shirts are finally ready to go. Just in time for LA week (by no accident) no less. We got them set up in four different colors for you to choose from. Obviously I can't get these to you in time for Thursday's game against USC, but we have added 2-day shipping through UPS so that you can have them by Friday if you wanted to wear them to Saturday's UCLA game. One way we could get around some of those shipping costs is figuring out who all wants one for the game and then shipping them all to one person. Said person could then distribute before the game either at the arena or at a little pre-game meet-up.

Special thanks to the guys at Gameday Depot for helping me get these created in a rush.

Thanks to Phil for the nickname and pestering me (among other) to make the shirts.

Click here to order. Let me know if you'd like to discuss doing a bulk order for UCLA.



Click here to order