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Trivia Time: First Person Correct Wins A Pair Of Tickets To Colorado - Washington State

We have an extra pair of tickets to this weekends Colorado - Washington State game that we would like to give away to a reader. In order to decide who would get them, the Ralphie Report has decided to have a little trivia contest that will require just a bit of effort. First one to correctly answer the question below the jump will win the tickets.

Before clicking through, make sure and quickly read these rules:

1) You must be able to pick the tickets up in person (which means you have to be attending the game) at Folsom 30-60 minutes prior to kickoff. 

2) Please plan on using the tickets to go to the game (or, if you already have some, bringing friends to attend with you). No reselling. 

3) Winner will be chosen by having the first FULL correct date posted in the comments of this post.

That's it! Good luck!

Question: On what date (day, month, year) was the first ever Ralphie Report post published?
(Hint: It WAS NOT on this site/platform)