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Some Interesting (Depressing) Stats From Saturday - Colorado Vs. Ohio State

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Maybe I am fascinated by the depressing, a glutton for punishment but some of these figures from this past Saturday's game are amazing. None more so than the starting field position

Colorado_mediumColorado had 11 possessions with a starting position on the Colorado 18 yard line. Ohio State had 12 possessions where they started, on average, at the COLORADO 47 yard line. That is remarkably bad. Seven, count'em, seven Buckeye possessions started inside Colorado territory. Unbelievable. I don't think I have ever seen that.

 Colorado_mediumLook at the breakdown of the seven drives that started in Colorado territory:

  1. SPECIAL TEAMS - 20 yard Colorado rugby punt, Ohio State starts at the CU 43 yard line
  2. OFFENSIVE TURNOVER - Rodney Stewart fumble, Ohio State starts at the CU 22 yard line
  3. SPECIAL TEAMS - Rodney Stewart catches a punt inside the five yard line, CU offense stopped, net 36 yard punt, Ohio State starts at the CU 46 yard line
  4. SPECIAL TEAMS TURNOVER - Rodney Stewart fumbles a punt, Ohio State starts at the CU 11 yard line
  5. SPECIAL TEAMS - 33 yard Colorado rugby punt, Ohio State starts at the CU 49 yard line
  6. SPECIAL TEAMS - 90 yard Ohio State kickoff return, Ohio State starts at the CU 5 yard line
  7. ONSIDE KICK - Ohio State starts at the CU 46 yard line

see more after the jump if you dare...

Colorado_mediumColorado ran just 15 plays in Ohio State territory, Ohio State ran 44. I feel bad for the Colorado defense. Saying their backs were against the wall isn't a strong enough statement.

Colorado_mediumThe seven Ohio State drives that started in Colorado territory yielded 34 points for the Buckeyes. When OSU started in their own territory (five times) they had only three points. Again, Colorado's defense didn't play that bad, they were in horrible situations.

Colorado_mediumContrary to popular belief, Colorado ran the ball 8 times for an average of 6.7 yards per carry on first down. Means the Buffs ran 8 other times on second, third and fourth down for a total of 22 yards. Hopefully we see a more established and a commitment to the  running game in the near future.

Colorado_mediumBehind a true freshman quarterback, Ohio State had 24 plays over 5 yards. Colorado's offense only produced 13.

Colorado_mediumOf the 13 third downs Colorado's offense faced, 10 were more than six yards to gain for a first down. This has been a common problem for the Buffs in 2011. CU finished the game 3 of 13 on third down.

Colorado_mediumOhio St. completed just seven passes.

Colorado_mediumThe Buffs were nailed with 9 penalties for 83 yards, which now ranks them as the most penalized team in the country averaging just over 88 yards a game.

Colorado_mediumColorado's first four possessions were three plays and out including a Rodney Stewart fumble. The Buffs gained 18 yards in the first quarter and only had the ball for 4:39. Colorado had six of their 11 drives end in three and out and were just 1 of 6 converting third downs in the first half.

Colorado_mediumThe OSU defense did not allow a first down in the entire first quarter and six minutes into the second. Colorado finally gained its first first down at 6:55 in the second quarter - a 21:55 span of no conversions

Colorado_mediumColorado's defense ranks 34th in the NCAA and third in the Pac-12 in total defense. They are the top defense against the pass in the Pac-12 and rank second in sacks-by averaging 3.5 per game. But because of the poor positions their offense and special teams leave them in, they rank 85th in points allowed. Defensive coordinator Greg Brown might have some beef with the other coaches.

Colorado_mediumI'll end it with some good news. K Will Oliver has made all six of his field goal attempts this season and all 11 of his PATs.