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RR Radio S1E5 - Breaking Down The Ohio State Buckeyes With Buckeye Battlecry

Welcome to the fifth episode of Ralphie Report Radio. This week we were joined by Eric Gingrich, one of the writers over at Buckeye Battlecry. After a brief review of the Colorado State game from Bob and I, Eric joins and we dive right into an in-depth review of the Buckeyes. Bob joined Eric on their podcast on Tuesday night if you would like to hear the Colorado side of things explained for OSU fans. 

We're five episodes in now and we'd love to hear what you think. Likes and dislikes both, we need you guys to help us shape the show. Too short? Too long? More guests? Less guests? More arguing? Whatever, but less us know. If you are listening/subscribing via iTunes, make sure and rate and review the podcast.

Season 1 Episode 5:

- Postives and negatives from the Rocky Mountain Showdown
- An in-depth look at the Ohio St. Buckeyes with Eric, from Buckeye Battlecry

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