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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. Ohio State Buckeyes: Q&A With Eleven Warriors

So Ohio State has a lot more coverage from the blogosphere than the Buffaloes do. We have been asked to do a ton of Q&A's and podcasts this week leading up to the game and we want to make sure that you guys are aware of them all. Obviously the questions are slanted towards the OSU audience, but I imagine you can get something out of it as well. 

First up, Eleven Warriors.

Look for their answers to our questions on Friday.

Like Ohio State, Colorado has a new coach this year in Jon Embree. Three games in, what are your thoughts on the job he's been doing so far?

The Ralphie Report Ultimately, the Buffs have had a chance to win the two games they lost, especially California who beat the Buffs 52-7 last season. So that is an improvement. I think offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has done a solid job calling plays in his first stint at running an offense. The thing we at the Ralphie Report are judging this year on is game over game improvement which we have seen. Some of the things that are still frustrating fans after three games are the mental mistakes and penalties. Colorado continues to be one of the highest penalized teams in the nation, something that carried over from the Dan Hawkins era apparently.

The Buffs are lacking in depth and overall talent which is something Embree will have to improve over time. If Embree can get that talent, I think this coaching staff has the ability to be a good one.

As you mentioned, penalties have been a big issue for this Colorado team, averaging almost 10 penalties for 90 yards per game, and it seems to be getting worse with time. What's the story behind these numbers and what seems to be the problem?

The Ralphie Report You are right, the penalty issues have continued. Dan Hawkins had similar issues when he was here and so far the players are continuing their ways. We keep thinking this is a temporary problem with Embree's no nonsense approach but we keep seeing double digit penalties each game. Embree has obviously acknowledged the issues and said he will fix it, but that has not happened yet.

Buff fans have been wondering what the problem is for years now. A lot of the penalties are simple false starts or illegal shifts which have to be on the player. A solution for the Buffs is get more depth and start pulling players until they figure it out themselves because nothing has worked so far. Unfortunately, solid depth is at least two years away.

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