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Brian Lockridge named to the All-State 'Good Works Team'

Earlier today, Brian Lockridge was presented with the honor of being selected to the All-State American Football Coaches' Association 'Good Works Team' at the Boulder Community Foothills Hospital where he volunteers each week. Lockridge is one of eleven D-I football players selected to receive the award, which for twenty years has recognized players for contributing to their local communities.


Lockridge is a self-taught pianist and goes to the hospital at Foothills and Arapahoe weekly to play and make us all look bad.  Did I mention he composes music also? And that he exclusively plays that when he plays piano at the hospital.  That he taught to himself.

Also named to the list are USC's Matt Barkley, Baylor's Robert Griffin III, and Texas's's Emmanuel Acho.

Way to go, Brian.  Keep the music flowin, and Go Buffs!