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RR Radio S1E2 - Connor Wood Picks CU, Previewing Hawaii, Realignment News

Welcome to the second episode of Ralphie Report Radio. We've made some updates since last time. We now have a page on TalkShoe that will host all of our episodes and we have gotten the podcast listed on iTunes so that you can easily subscribe.

Now that we are on TalkShoe we can do either recorded or live and shouldn't have any problems hosting guests and letting Ash and David join in. If there is anyone specific that you would like us to have on for future episodes shoot us an email and let us know. You can also email us with any questions that you have at anytime and we will address it on the next episode.

Season 1 Episode 2:

- What does Connor Wood's addition mean for the Buffs?

- Previewing game one: Colorado vs Hawaii

- Checking in on this incessant realignment noise

To visit and subscribe to Ralphie Report Radio on iTunes click here

To visit Ralphie Report on TalkShoe (there are multiple ways to subscribe there) click here.