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Connor Wood Chooses To Transfer To Colorado

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Current Texas Longhorn quarterback Connor Wood has chosen to enroll at the University of Colorado and transfer to the Buffaloes football program. had this to say this about Wood during his recruitment:

On the Hoof: Physically, Wood has a great quarterback body. He has broad shoulders, is strong through the chest, has a sturdy base and should have the strength to take a college pounding. Wood is similar in size and build to current Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Needs Improvement: At times, Wood doesn't consistently get good spin on his football, particularly on vertical routes. He has a tendency to hang the football in the air too long. He will need an adjustment period to deal with the speed of the college game after playing at a low level of football in high school.

Most Impressive: Wood has very good arm-strength, but what really makes him special is his athleticism. His high release combined with good size benefit him as a passer. Though he is a big, physical prospect, Wood can really run, is mobile in the pocket and is very comfortable throwing on the run and outside of the pocket. As far as the physical tools that you look for in a quarterback, there is very little that Wood is lacking.

This is a good move for both Wood and the Buffaloes as he will have a chance to come in and compete for a job on a team with a departing senior quarterback and the Buffs get more depth at the position. Wood has already used his redshirt so he will have three years to play three seasons.

Check out our recent quarterback breakdown to get an idea of the situation at the position, but for all intents and purposes Connor will be competing with Nick Hirschman, John Schrock and Shane Dillon for the starting role in 2012. Welcome aboard, Connor.