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Ralphie Report Radio S1E1 - Recapping Fall Camp, Previewing Buffaloes Schedule

Here it is, the first ever edition of Ralphie Report Radio. Bob and I talk for about fifty minutes about the Buffaloes and college football in what is the first of what will become a weekly series. This one was recorded offline so that we could test out the actual "conversation" aspect of a podcast but we hope to start a live show next week so that you guys can comment and ask questions live during the taping. We also plan to get this on iTunes as many have requested.

Season 1 Episode 1:

- Recapping the positives and negatives of fall camp

- Breaking down the non-conference schedule

- National college football: who's overrated, who could surprise, will Utah win a single game?

Ralphie Report Radio S1E1 (Part 1)

Ralphie Report Radio S1E1 (Part 2)

Since this is our first go around, we would love any and all feedback. Don't worry about the sound because that will be changing soon. Next week we will be discussing Hawaii and the rest of week one. Thanks for listening!

Sorry about the two parts, next week we will have that fixed. Ignore the strange skip just before the 40th minute, the wife interrupted the show...