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Colorado Buffaloes To Feature Updated Road Jerseys In 2011?

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Oh man, consider me very excited. It seems the release of the teambuilder for EA Sports NCAA Football 2012 has had another positive benefit besides the rosters and player ratingsUni Watch, the great athletics uniforms site, has an update about Colorado's uniforms today that will make a lot of Buffalo fans very happy.

• Colorado: "They've made their throwbacks from last year their primaries and added an away version. Pants are only available in gold and black." (Reader Jeff Alexander points out that you can see the school's mascot, Chip, wearing the new road jersey in this shot.)

Now nothing has yet been released by the school's SID that I have seen, but the circumstances and timing of these first images popping is very similar to the first images of the updated home jerseys last summer. I, for one, love these road uniforms just like I did the home ones last year and I really hope that they stick around for awhile. 



Thanks to @BupsJones for sending this our way.