QB Shane Dillon Elite 11 highlights

Enjoy -- highlights of our QB commit Shane Dillon at the Ellite 11. Nice. (non premium content)

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(There is a short commercial, but they get right to the good stuff after that.)



From 247 sports: Link to full article

The official Elite 11

Following Friday’s workout, the Elite 11 staff, led by head coach Trent Dilfer, selected the final official Elite 11. Their selection was based on a number of factors including some off the field variables such as film study, chalk talk and grasp of the playbook as well as their on the field performance.

The list had some familiar names at the top as well as some surprises.

As decided by the staff, there were three co-MVPs of the camp: Jameis Winston, Tanner Mangum and unheralded Neal Burcham out of Greenbrier, Ark. who has yet to land his first FBS offer.

The remainder of the list in order went as follows:

4.) Jeff Lindquist, 5.) Chad Voytik, 6.) Zach Kline, 7.) Shane Dillon, 8.) Chad Kelly, 9.) Zeke Pike, 10.) Bart Houston, 11.) Austin Appleby

At El Cajon (Calif.) Christian high school,

Dillon recorded 2,982 yards and completed 19 touchdowns during his junior year.

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