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The Ralphie Report Guide To Boulder: Nominate Best Sports Bar, Vote Best Dive Bar

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To help welcome our new Pac-12 friends in their pilgrimage's to Boulder we are creating The Ralphie Report Guide To Boulder.

So here's how this will work. On the dates you see below we will be taking nominations for entries into each of the categories below. You'll have two days to nominate per category. After two days I will put up the nomination post for the next category and include a poll for the previous one. The top three vote getters in each category will be featured in the guide so don't be afraid to offer up some different nominations and make sure to come back and vote in each category. The timing of this will take us right into fall practice. We're getting close...

- Best Burger - 7/12 - Dark Horse, The Sink, Mountain Sun
- Best Breakfast - 7/14 - Village Coffee Shop, The Buff, Lucile's
- Best Sandwich - 7/18 - Salvaggio's, Half Fast Subs, Snarf's
- Best Burrito/Mexican - 7/20 - Illegal Pete's, Efrain's, Rio Grande
- Best Pizza - 7/22 - Cosmo's, Beau Jo's, Abo's
- Best "Nice" Dinner - 7/24 - Flagstaff House, The Mediterranean (Med), Frasca
- Best Dive Bar - 7/26
- Best Sports Bar - 7/28
- Best Upscale Bar - 7/30
- Best Brewery/Brewpup - 8/1
- Best Tailgate Location For Visiting Fans - 8/3
- Best Inexpensive Hotel - 8/5
- Best Expensive Hotel - 8/7
- Best Things To Do On Sunday After The Game - 8/9

Vote for the best Boulder dive bar in the poll (poll closes Thursday night), nominate your favorite Boulder sports bars in the comments.