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Larry Scott Announces Details On The New Pac-12 Networks

Pac-12 conference commissioner Larry Scott has just announced the details behind the upcoming Pac-12 network that will be launching nationwide in 2012. Scott is currently in New York City as a part of the  Pac-12 Media Tour as the coaches from the North division are taking part in the east coast portion of their travels before heading to Bristol, CT for a ESPN car wash (the South coaches are in Bristol today).

- The first big announcement to come out today is the creation of the Pac-12 Networks in partnership with Comcast, Cox, Time Warner and Brighthouse cable

- The second major announcement of the day was that the Pac-12 is creating six regional networks and one natonal network. The regional networks are Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Southern California, Arizona and Mountain

- At least 850 sporting events yearly on the Pac-12 Networks

- Launches in August of 2012

- Will be available to a wide range of viewers through arrangements with the cable partners

- Every single football and basketball game will be available in every state on the Pac-12 Networks (if not on one of the conference's other television parners)

- Hundreds of Olymic sports will be avilable

- Pac-12 Networks will be available on ANY DEVICE, TV anywhere

- The conference owns and controls the Pac-12 Networks

This is just fantastic. I'm shocked that Larry Scott was able to pull this together so quickly, with such a diverse group of partners. I hope the smile on your face is as big as mine.