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Monday Buff Bites - Mmmmmmm, Burgers

The Buff Bites got a different haircut for today. Like it? Hate it? Don't care? Let us know!

Colorado_mediumColorado Links - Buffs everywhere say 'Yay Pac-12' and buy season tickets

 Brooks: 'Opening Day' Arrives For Buffs, Pac-12 -

Welcome to your new digs, Buffaloes. Wave goodbye to Ames, Manhattan, Lawrence, Lincoln . . . offer up enthusiastic high-fives to Seattle, Tucson, Tempe, LA and all stops West. We're in the Pac-12!

 Football season-ticket sales going well for CU Buffs - Buffzone

Tickets to University of Colorado football games could be tough to come by this fall. Athletic director Mike Bohn set an ambitious goal earlier this year of selling 25,000 football season-tickets for the school`s first season in the Pac-12 Conference. Colorado`s schedule has been rated among the toughest in the nation this year with 13 consecutive games without a bye, 11 of them against teams from Bowl Championship conference schools and eight of them being played on the road.  

 Preseason position reviews: Defensive tackle - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

Colorado: The Buffaloes are sneaky good here, even though they only ranked 48th in the nation in run defense in 2010. Both starters, Will Pericak and Curtis Cunningham, are back, but Conrad Obi was a revelation this spring. He looked like a future NFL draft choice, not a player who'd mostly been a bust. Nate Bonsu, who missed spring with a knee injury, also should help.

If we can't have "make-your-mother-cry-they're-so-good" then I'll at least take "sneaky-good"

Plati-'Tudes Looks Back At Big 12, Forward To Pac-12 - - I don't know how I missed this; or even that it was missed. It needs to be linked at least once...if not twice.

In the final Plati-‘Tudes with CU as a member of the Big 12, associate AD David Plati reminisces, looks ahead, answers questions galore and covers practically everything from A-to-Z in his first edition since last fall.

Colorado_pac-12Pac-12 Links

Pac-12's 'official' returning starters - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

Pac-12 media day is July 26 in Los Angeles, and in advance of that event the conference has published its media guide. You can check it out here.

One thing the media guide does is make "official" the returning starters for each team, though obviously injuries are still at issue. Here's the list:

  • Arizona State 19 (10 offense, 9 defense, 0 PK/P)
  • Colorado 18 (9 offense, 8 defense, 1 PK/P)
  • Washington 17 (7 offense, 8 defense 2 PK/P)
  • Washington State 17 (9 offense, 8 defense, 0 PK/P)
  • UCLA 16 (7 offense, 8 defense, 1 PK/P)
  • California 15 (7 offense, 6 defense 2 PK/P)
  • Oregon 15 (7 offense, 6 defense, 2 PK/P)
  • Arizona 13 (5 offense, 7 defense, 1 PK/P)
  • Utah 13 (7 offense, 5 defense, 1 PK/P)
  • USC 13 (6 offense, 7 defense 0 PK/P)
  • Stanford 12 (5 offense, 6 defense, 1 PK/P)
  • Oregon State 12 (7 offense, 4 defense, 1 PK/P)

 Ranking the Pac-12's NFL draft prospects - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

Mel Kiper has made two lists of top NFL prospects by positions: top seniors and and top juniors (or draft-eligible sophomores). As for the Pac-12 prospects on his lists, it appears the conference is stronger among juniors than seniors. Of course, a lot of early-round talents don't last until their senior seasons. And the offensive talent far eclipses the defensive talent.

Offensive guard No. 2 Ryan Miller, Colorado 

 Links From Everywhere Else - Good Icon Needed, all qualified applicants inquire within...

 Ohio State Buckeyes vacate wins from last football season - ESPN
Ohio State's 2010 Big Ten championship, its 12-1 season, its victories over rival Michigan and in the Sugar Bowl -- all gone. Coach Jim Tressel is out and so is star quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Left behind: two years of self-imposed probation. The question now is whether it will be enough to save Ohio State from more severe penalties in an upcoming trip to see the NCAA committee on infractions.

RINGO: Punishment anything but for Buckeyes - Buffzone

Have you ever asked a child who has broken some rules what he or she thinks the punishment should be? You get some interesting answers, and usually they don`t fit the crime. No chocolate milk with your lunch doesn`t exactly cover scribbling all over the living room walls with crayons and markers, painting the dog or pulling your little sister`s hair.

So much of this is simplified when you equate it to disciplining a child. The NCAA totally needs those leash-harness things!

College Football Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Festival July 15-16 -

The National Football Foundation hosts the College Football Hall of Fame annual Enshrinement Festival July 15-16 in South Bend, Ind.

Thousands of college football fans from across the country will join the National Football Foundation on July 15-16 at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind. for the annual Enshrinement Festival, which will pay tribute to the storied careers of 20 of the game's greatest players including Colorado's Alfred Williams.

Go Buffs!