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Pac12-Day Buff Bites - Welcome to the Conference of Champions ®

Today is Pac-12 Day, and the bells have been rung in Boulder.  That means it's time for some Buff Bites!

Colorado_medium New era officially begins for CU Buffs - Buffzone

A day some University of Colorado alumni, faculty, administrators and fans have dreamed of for years has finally arrived. It's Pac-12 Day in Colorado. Workers took down old Big 12 signs and emblems of schools in its former conference and replaced them around campus with Pac-12 versions. The campus bookstore began selling T-shirts boasting CU's new affiliation and Governor John Hickenlooper and Boulder Mayor Susan Osborne both issued proclamations officially dubbing today Pac-12 Day in the city and statewide. No word on how they feel about that in Fort Collins.

Colorado_pac-12_medium_mediumIt's Official: Welcome To The Pac-12 > Pac12 > News

The Pac-10 officially becomes the Pac-12 today with the addition of the University of Colorado and the University of Utah, opening a new chapter in the Conference’s long history., With more than 120 Nobel Laureates across all of its campuses and the first ever to reach 400 NCAA Championships, the Conference is synonymous with both academic excellence and athletic success, having earned the nickname the "Conference of Champions"®.

Colorado_mediumCU Buffs retailers rolling out Pac-12 gear - Buffzone

Big 12 T-shirts are so last-season. At Buffs apparel shops across Boulder earlier this week, Pac-12 shirts were being unpacked and embargoed to go on sale Friday, as the University of Colorado makes its official move to the new league.

Colorado_pac-12_medium_mediumPac-12: Scott births new colossus out West - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

Pac-12: It will take some getting used to, of course. The most obvious changes heading into 2011: The addition of two new teams, Utah and Colorado; the creation of two divisions, North and South; and the introduction of a conference championship game to be played in the home stadium of the No. 1 seed.

The fan experience, mostly consistent since 1978, will be different. A team's Rose Bowl chances won't be dashed just because it doesn't have the best conference record. Winning the division is what matters. And, of course, an 11-1 team that finished second in its division might not feel exactly thrilled about an 8-4 team from the other division playing for a Rose Bowl berth. Advice: Deal with it. It's the new reality.

Colorado_medium102.3 The Ticket - CJ & Klatt - A quick radio interview with Embree; he talks about the Buffs 4 Life program, forming bonds amongst players and teammates, and junior senior Tyler Hansen as quarterback and leader.

Colorado_pac-12_medium_mediumLarry Scott's Pac-12 vision realized - Buffzone

Larry Scott was wrapping up a late business lunch at a downtown San Francisco restaurant this week, taking one last sip of coffee, parting ways with a handshake and sliding one booth over to start another meeting with new visitors almost simultaneously.


The soon-to-be-formed Pac-12 network might not be conventionally focused on TV either, or at least not exclusively. Scott is exploring ideas to make the network an online venture with companies such as Google or Apple, and he wants to secure a partner soon to allow somewhere close to a 12-month window to launch ahead of the 2012 football season.

That’s not the only old-fashioned approach Scott has challenged. Scott also said he’s in "full support" of researching stipends for student-athletes, he’s prepared to move football games from Saturday to Sunday this fall if the NFL lockout persists and he’s taking bids from about eight cities to host the league’s men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments together or separately — whatever generates the most exposure and money for cash-strapped schools, something member programs can easily rally around.

"He’s scary smart," Utah athletic director Chris Hill said. "He is somebody that really stays focused on what he needs to get done and doesn’t let other things get in the way."

Colorado_mediumPlay-by-Play Insider: Colorado's Larry Zimmer > Pac12 > News-Colorado - Similar to Bob's intro to the Buffs, except from the perspective of the pressbox. Literally.

Colorado football play-by-play broadcaster Larry Zimmer takes a look back at his career with the school, and he gives fans a run-down on the Buffaloes in this Q+A.,


Wave your flags, ring the bells! The Buffs are home: in the Pac12. Go Buffs!