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Colorado Football Is Pac-12's Second Most Profitable Program, Utah Is Poor

Krist Dosh, aka SportsBizMiss, took the time to compile and rank top 140 most profitable collegiate football and basketball programs in the country. University of Texas football unsurprisingly came in first overall and that number should continue to grow with a new second tier media contract and the upcoming Longhorn Network. Surprisingly, CU football came in 32nd overall and 2nd in the new Pac-12. Our new friends from the other side of the Rockies didn't even make the list. A list that includes teams operating at large deficits at the bottom. Granted, a lot will change for them once they start getting their Pac-12 money (which is still a couple of seasons off) but it's interesting to see anyways.

New rivalries are fun aren't they?

Take a look at the list of Pac-12 schools below (thanks to Ted Miller for compiling) and let us know what you think? Surprised by the Buffs spot on the list?

First number total revenue, the second expenses and the bottom is profit.

27. Washington

32. Colorado

37. Arizona State

39. Oregon

40. Arizona

48. USC

53. Oregon State

55. UCLA

66. California

82. Stanford

86. Washington State

Update: The Mountain West numbers are here. Utah would fall in right by Stanford near the bottom.