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Monday Mini Buff Bites - Point/Counterpoint: Should Players Be Paid?

Today's Buff Bites are mini... but they have many implications.

Colorado_mediumPoint: Players should not be paid.  [Any more than they already receive in scholarships, room, and board.] Emmert calls for presidential retreat in Aug. - Buffzone

NCAA President Mark Emmert doesn't believe colleges should pay athletes, and he wants university leaders to help him. On Monday, Emmert announced he would hold a two-day retreat with about 50 school presidents or chancellors to discuss the future of Division I sports.

The meeting is scheduled for Aug. 9-10. Among topics on the agenda are how to maintain the governing body's policy on amateurism, a definition that allows schools to restrict how athletes are compensated for playing sports. That's not all Emmert wants to talk about.

"How do we look at issues around the integrity of the collegiate model? Is there a sense that we need stronger investigative tools? Is there a sense that we need a more understood and more comprehensive penalty structure?"

Emmert said in a statement. "How do we look at the embedding of athletics in a way that sends clear messages to institutions before student-athletes even arrive on campus that there is an expectation of academic success?"

But it's the pay-for-play issue that will certainly get the most attention. It has been debated publicly for decades, and has gained fresh traction in the wake of high-profile infractions cases including that of reigning Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and former Heisman winner Reggie Bush.

Colorado_mediumCounter-point: Players should totally be paid.  Why? Because I said so... and because I'm awesome.   Commissioner Larry Scott wants Pac-12 athletes to get more of the conference pie - The Denver Post

Larry Scott's office has big wraparound windows that look out on this tony East Bay suburb. He sees a lot of sunny days from his office, and not just because of northern California's weather.

The television contracts he signed over the winter with ESPN and Fox guaranteeing each Pac-12 school about $20 million a year in revenue have brought sunshine from Tucson to Seattle.

Now, the second-year conference commissioner wants to tell the schools how to spend some of it.

On the athletes.

"It's a question of priorities, and sometimes you have to prioritize what's right," Scott said. "I think this is an issue of principle. And we're going to advocate for it."

Colorado_mediumPoint: The Mountain West Conference Sucks. This does not require a link, as it is one of those self-evident truths our Founding Fathers were talking about.

Colorado_mediumCounter-point: They agree, and they've changed their name and logo.  Mountain West changes logo, alters name to reflect league's "new era" - The Denver Post 

The Mountain West unveiled a new logo Monday and even gave it a nickname. During a news conference in La Jolla, Calif., league officials said the new logo signaled "a new era in the 13-year history of the Mountain West." And the league — which includes Air Force, Colorado State and Wyoming — saved fans the trouble of coming up with a nickname for the new logo by dubbing it "The Rock."

So, instead of being the 'most-worst-conference,' I guess now they're just Nicolas Cage's last good movie.

Go Buffs!