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SB Nation NCAA Conference Re-Draft - Rounds 1 & 2 Complete, Buffaloes Still On The Board

Haven't heard about the SB Nation Conference Re-draft project? Click here.

The first two rounds of the conference re-draft have been completed and most of the teams went pretty closely to expectations. There were 4 teams taken from the SEC, 3 from the Big 10, 2 from the Big 12, and 1 each from the ACC, Pac-12, and Notre Dame.

Here are the results:

Round-Pick Conference Commissioner Selection
1-1 Conference #1 BC Interruption TEXAS
1-2 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants FLORIDA
1-3 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills ALABAMA
1-4 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias OHIO STATE
1-5 Conference #5 House of Sparky USC
1-6 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion LSU
2-7 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion MICHIGAN
2-8 Conference #5 House of Sparky NOTRE DAME
2-9 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias FLORIDA STATE
2-10 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills OKLAHOMA
2-11 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants PENN STATE
2-12 Conference #1 BC Interruption GEORGIA

Looking at that list, I would say either conference #3 or #5 (the conference names are being created this week) started the best with Alabama/Oklahoma and USC/Notre Dame respectively. Obviously, that's looking at things from a football perspective. In basketball terms the best combo is probably Ohio State/Florida State. Not to impressive. 

Any picks here that you would have done differently? What round do you think the Buffs will come off the board? Which one of these conferences would you like Colorado to join?

Note: There will be a slight format change for the rest of the draft.  From now on we will just be picking at will and reporting the results as often as we want. The method of drafting proved to be much quicker and easier than we anticipated so we should be able to get through this whole thing in the next few weeks.