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Midweek Buff Bites - An Incoming Basketball Transfer and More Football Offseason

Colorado_mediumJeremy Adams transfers, CU scores - Buffzone

If you`re looking for the next Alec Burks or Cory Higgins, they`re not on campus. However, Jeremy Adams has arrived at Colorado looking to make a name for himself.

"It`s exciting. I wouldn`t say there`s any pressure," Adams said during an interview with the Camera on Tuesday. "I`m just coming in and trying to play my best. There`s no pressure with that. If I play my best, I will exceed everybody`s expectations."

Adams, who signed with Texas A&M coming out of high school two years ago, said the workout regiment in Boulder has been an eye-opener. "I`m pretty sure nobody else in Division I is doing what we`ve been doing in the weight room. This is pretty hard," Adams said. "I was at Texas A&M, and this is harder than what we were doing there. ...

There are other transfers who will be eligible this season, have a click and see...

Colorado_mediumPre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog - There are twenty different sections to this novella-length CU football preview. Wait until lunch to read this one...  I know I'll have to.

Who is No. 87? The stadium at tomorrow’s university is named after a legendary coach who, after concluding his on-field career, taught at the university’s law school until shortly before his death.

Colorado_mediumJordan Williams wearing down, Alec Burks healthy; NBA draft news - Sam Amick -

"People made it seem like it was way worse than it was, but my shoulder is good," Burks said. "I came off a pick in my Milwaukee workout, ran into the pick and guess I got hit in the right spot. But I finished the workout. My agent [Andy Miller] told me I should sit out one and make sure everything is good. I worked out for Detroit, and it was great."

Colorado_mediumBracket: NCAA Football Traditions - sportsnation - ESPN - Do you like your team more than someone else's?  Do you enjoy thinly veiled marketing promotions?  Do you like having your superior mascot lose a national poll to an automatic voting bot in Ann Arbor? I know I do!

SportsNation is partnering with EA Sports to give you, the fans, the chance to determine which school has the best tradition in college football!

Or the chance to determine who has easy access to hundreds of computers and more time to kill.  Whichever works.  CU's Video Game Ralphie is pitted against a blue sign in Michigan...or something.


After the jump; we're a trap game, and a conference won its 400th National Championship last week, can you guess who?

Colorado_mediumSchedule analysis: Arizona - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN - It's no fun being someone's trap game, but holy cow what a trap it is!

Trap game: The weekend before playing at rival Arizona State, the South Division favorite, which beat Arizona in stunning fashion in 2010, the Wildcats visit Colorado. That sets up like a quintessential "look ahead" game.

Colorado_mediumCelebrating 400 National Championships - Which conference is this celebrating 400 NC's might you ask? That would be the conference we're joining in a couple weeks.  The very best, bar none.

Go Buffs!