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Buffs Football Offseason 2011 Positional Breakdowns: Defensive Tackle

Today is Defensive Tackles day...HOORAY! I had only thought about this a little bit, but we're going to be awfully thin at DT after this season. Three of the six guys we have are Seniors, and one more is a Junior. Anyway, that's not really the topic for this post, but file that issue away for another day. Here is a link to the last round of these I did going into the 2010 season.

Follow the jump to find out who we have this season, not who we don't have

Defensive Tackles:

  • Curtis Cunningham, Sr - A two-year starter/three year contributor and a savvy veteran. He's a little bigger going into the Spring at 6'1" 285, but still undersized. Going into his fourth season of play he can still elevate his game, and Tui is exactly the kind of coach to get that out of him. It will be interesting to see how the new coaching staff uses him, if they only play him on first and second downs, and who he shares his snaps with.
  • Eugene Goree, Sr - ***NEW NEWS: According to Kyle Ringo and the blogosphere, Goree has left the team...***
  • Conrad Obi, Sr - Wow. He went from a 250 lb DE to a 6'3" 310 DT in his time here. That's a lot of weight. And looking at him I would say that most of it is muscle. He also should have a shot at getting a couple of snaps here and there just to spell the guys ahead of him. He still has some pass rushing instincts from his time on the edge, so that may give him a leg up on the other interior reserves. We'll see what happens to these two big boys in the Spring and Summer.
  • Will Pericak, Jr - Another guy who has put on a bunch of weight. He came in as a Tight End, spent one season practicing at DT, and then started the last two seasons starting there for us and been pretty disruptive. He definitely plays bigger than his listed size at 6'4"280 lbs, and has very good athleticism and quickness. He is still developing as a Defensive Lineman, and should continue to improve over the next two seasons. He's like the Nate Solder of our Defensive line, only not quite as freakishly athletic. I think having Tui as a teacher will do wonders for his hand-use, leverage and his ability to disrupt things from the inside. He also has a big enough frame that I could see him putting on another 10-20 lbs over the next two seasons.
  • Nate Bonsu, So - This guy is a beast. He's going to push everybody for playing time. He sat out last season while recovering from knee surgery, but he got on the field a bunch his Freshman season. He's incredibly powerful and lightning quick for a guy his size (6'1" 295 lbs) and had pretty impressive recognition for being so young. He is going to start tearing it up out there, especially with his new position coach. I'm going to say now that he will earn All Conference honors in 2012 or 2013. I don't like making predictions like that usually, but he showed some pretty amazing flashes on the field two years ago.
  • Kirk Poston, RFr - He's still getting bigger at 6'1" 260, but he looked pretty strong at the point of attack last Summer. He's got a good frame that can definitely support another 30+ lbs, so hopefully he gets there soon, because after this year we will definitely need him to be ready to play. He had pretty good hands and gave great effort. I don't think we'll see much of him this year, but hopefully he still shows us something in Spring and Summer ball.

Those are the Defensive Tackles the Buffaloes have. We're OK there for this season, but we graduate half of these kids after this season, which leaves us incredibly thin there. Hopefully one of the DEs is bulking up to make the move inside, or they play on signing a couple of guys there this upcoming recruiting cycle. Besides the future concerns, we actually have really good depth there for this season, with three guys who have been effective out there in Pericak, Cunningham and Bonsu, plus the big bodies of Goree and Obi.




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