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Colorado Buffaloes Not Selected To Play In 2011 NCAA Tournament

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The Colorado Buffaloes have been left out the 2011 NCAA Tournament after a season that included three wins over a five seed, a win over a four seed, and a win over an eleven season. The Buffs had a much better resume than many of the bubble teams that were inexplicably chosen to the tournament. Clemson, Michigan State, Michigan, UAB, VCU, USC the list goes on. The Buffs were shafted here, plain and simple. St. Mary's, Virginia Tech and Alabama were others that were disappointed when their names weren't called, but none had the wins that Colorado did. 

Colorado is a lock for the NIT Tournament now, but it is going to be hard for the team and fans alike to get up for that lame excuse for a tournament after the shocking disappointment today. Cory Higgins, Levi Knutson and the other seniors have got to be completely devastated right now and I hope that Tad Boyle can continue to remind the team of what a special season this has been. Alec Burks is most likely still off to the NBA, but him reconsidering that decision as a response to today's circumstances is the only positive I can possibly find. As fans, we have to hope that Boyle can continue to build this program to the point where we no longer have to wonder whether we will make the tournament or not, and can just sit back and find out our seed and opponent.