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D-I College Football is Insanely Competitive

I just underestimated how insanely competitive it actually is.  Take this article from rivals:

Colorado_mediumRivals High - Talent pool: Where the DI signees come from 

The article starts by saying that Texas had more D-I signees than any other state this year. Considering the dude's name is Dallas Jackson, I dont' know why the article didn't begin and end with that sentence. But it didn't...

Instead, he takes a state's number of graudating high school football players and makes a ratio comparing it to the number of players from that state who were signees to a D-I school.  This, all in the name of having an inter-state pissing contest.  Florda's 344 signees beats Texas' 345 signees because Florida's ratio is 1:111.  As in, for every 111 graduating high school football players in the state, 1 was a D-I signee.

I guess that says that Florida wins, so long as you can ignore the fact that there are more D-I football factories programs in Floriduh than any other state.  Or that the numbers don't really reflect the diversity of varsity sports, and the per-capita comparison of high school football players to the state's population.  Or maybe fewer of the Florida high school players were counted because not as many of them graduate.  I don't know.  I don't have the data, or the inclination to seek it out.  My guess is that there are more varsity sports offered in Texas per capita, presumably diluting the talent pool for this one phase of one sport that's already insanely competitive.  But that's not what this article is about.

No, this article is about the maths.

Now, ratios are cute and all, but what I want to know is what happens when you invert the numbers.  As in, what percentage of high school players were signed by a D-I school this year, anywhere?

The answer: 0.219%  As in, two tenths of one percent.  I knew college football was competitive, but GOOD LORD is that astonishing!  If you take ten dudes who played high school football, one dude's big toe would sign to play D-I football.  That's it! And his big toe would probably only be a 2-star cornerback recruit, anyway.  Holy crap.


Flipping the numbers around gave me a new appreciation for the football stuff I've been listening and reading about with all of you, and I thought I'd share it with y'all.

Go Buffs!