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Continuing The Front Range Series, Colorado Buffaloes Host Wyoming

The Wyoming Retro-Broncos Cowboys come to town atop a six-game win-streak; their best such streak in nine seasons. Wyoming is 8-1 and also takes claim to "one of the top defenses in the nation" with allowing an average of 49.4 points per game thus far.

The Cowboys bring a typical 1-2-2-4-5 starting lineup with tons of experience; Seniors or Redshirt Juniors, all of them. Team scoring is led by their guards, Francisco Cruz (13 ppg) and Luke Martinez (12.9 ppg), and their offense is relatively balanced, as their forward and center each have double-digit points average as well.

As for that top defense? Colorado will be only their fourth opponent to average over 70 points per game, and will be their second opponent that currently has a winning record. Wyoming's sole loss was to Green Bay almost three weeks ago, 52-44. Their .473 field goal percentage ranks 51st in the nation (compared to our .457 good for 103rd), though assists and rebounds per game are abysmally low (227th and 266th, respectively).

The thing to watch here is Wyoming's free-throwing versus Colorado's: six of their players are above .800 on free-throw shooting, compared to our... our... our zero. I would expect Wyoming to know this and force us to make points from the line or else.

It's also possible that Wyoming will be looking past tonight's game to their next matchup against the UC-Irvine Anteaters and we can take advantage of it.