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Colorado Buffaloes Make Game Closer Than They Should, Beat Fresno State 71-64

The Colorado Buffaloes beat the Fresno State Bulldogs tonight by a score of 71-64. Andre Roberson led the way with points 21 and 10 rebounds. Spencer Dinwiddie looks like a better player each and every game and added 15 points. Fresno State came out in the second half with a zone and the Buffaloes couldn't solve it. If this team had any sort of consistency, they would have a marginal chance of making the tournament. Overall, a win is a win, but this team doesn't seem like it will ever put together a complete game.

Things Buffaloes did well: The first half defense was incredible. Fresno State could not get into their offensive sets. The team kept running through their screens and Fresno had no open shots. Damiene Cain made his first appearance on the year; he is huge. Without question, he has the best post-up offense in the game. Additionally, Tomlinson has been putting together a great stretch of basketball lately and looks more confident on the floor. The Buffaloes shot a much improved 27-32 from the free throw line. Roberson had another great game and continues to impact the team. More important than adding 21 points, he shot 9-9 from the free throw line. Dinwiddie and Roberson both played excellent games and were the main reasons the Buffaloes won.

Things Buffaloes struggled with: The Buffaloes looked tired and disinterested in the beginning of the second half. The offense just couldn't get anything going against the zone. They started ball faking more often, but there was no movement around the zone. Players just stood in spots and passed the ball around. The Buffaloes were up by 20 at one point and the lead was cut all the way down to 3, which shouldn't happen. This team is just too inconsistent. Carlon Brown who seemed to be the best player at the beginning of the year has not looked good for a while now. Lately, he has been shooting threes way too often and doesn't seem to drive it to the lane anymore. Although the Buffaloes won, they still have a lot to work on.

Up Next: The Buffaloes take on Wyoming this Friday at the Coors Event Center. The Buffaloes should have no problem with this game and win easily.