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Interesting Rumor: Texas WR Mike Davis Headed To Colorado?

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Normally I don't post rumors like this that pop up out of the blue, but due to a few interesting circumstances I thought this was something I should share. A note was posted to the Inside Texas forums today (I'm posting from my ipad and cant hyperlink so here you go: with some tidbits following the Longhorns Holiday Bowl victory over California. Here's the portion that may be of interest to Buffs fans:

Moving on, I was able to catch up with someone close to the team and he made an interesting comment about Mike Davis. He told me that Davis has told some within the program that he is looking into transferring to Colorado to play for Bobby Kennedy. He knows he still has a redshirt year to use to sit out. This source said you have to take what Mike says with a huge grain of salt because of mood swings, but it's certainly something to keep your eye on, and could explain why there were whispers about fellow Skyline WR Thomas Johnson looking around considering Davis is supposedly an influence.

While it is a message board post, Shuttlesworth is well known enough and although he doesn't always hit on his "inside info", he has been right more often than not (any Texas fans that stumble this way please feel free to let us know how accurate you think this may be). In addition, we have already seen wide receiver's coach Bobby Kennedy use his UT history to bring Connor Wood to Boulder and we know he still has the ear of many of his former players.

While Davis had somewhat of a down year this season, he is still a phenomenal talent that struggled largely due to the Longhorns' deficiencies at quarterback. The possibility of rejoining his former teammate and coach and teaming with Paul Richardson already has me daydreaming of a very dangerous passing attack in 2013. Take all of this for what it's worth, but it seems this coaching staff may have a few more tricks up their sleeves as they work to round out the Buffaloes roster.