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Colorado Buffaloes Get Back On Track, Beat CSU Bakersfield 70-64

Carlon Brown
Carlon Brown

The Buffaloes never make it easy, but they ended up beating CSU Bakersfield 70-64. They seem to always play down to their opponent's level of play. Through the first eight minutes of the first half, they scored four points. Conference play is almost here and the Buffaloes still have a lot of work to do. Bottom line as always, the Buffaloes won. They made it way too close, but they won. Andre Roberson led the way with 18 points while picking up 5 rebounds. Additionally, Carlon Brown had 15 and Spencer Dinwiddie added 13 points. CU still hasn't played a complete game and more and more it looks like it will never happen.

Things the Buffaloes did well: The Buffaloes took control when they had to. The game almost got out of hand in the first half, but Colorado started to control the pace gradually. Finally the Buffaloes started to see the offensive abilities of Carlon Brown that had been missing for the past couple games and he impressively added 8 assists to his stat line. When he scores and distributes, he is a major asset to this team. The team's free throw shooting woes are gradually going away as well. The Buffaloes shot 22-26 from the line today and shot an outstanding 50% from the field for the game.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: The first half was a major struggle for the Buffaloes. They played lackluster defense and forgot to box out multiple times. Second chances seemed like they were coming every possession for CSU Bakersfield. The offense lacked punch and struggled running their sets efficiently and the Buffaloes went into halftime trailing by two. This team just disappointingly lost to Wyoming and they came out flat. In the second half, the Buffaloes kept pulling away, but would make careless turnovers to let Bakersfield to remain in the game. Overall, they limited the turnovers to 12, but they gave up 14 offensive rebounds.

Up Next: The Buffaloes take on Texas Southern, who are currently 1-7. The Buffaloes need to come out and get a big lead and control the entire game. They should do this, but with the past two performances against Wyoming and CSU Bakersfield in mind, no one can be sure how the Buffaloes will play in this game.