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2011 BlogPoll Week 11 Ballot - A Top Eight And A Whole Lot Of Mess

Next Five:
26) Auburn 
27) Georgia Tech
28) TCU
29) Baylor 
30) Florida State

See my Pac-12 Rankings as well as some notes about my ballot after the jump...

Pac-12 Rankings:
1) Stanford
2) Oregon
3) USC
4) Arizona State
5) Washington
7) Utah
8) California
9) Oregon State
10) Arizona
11) Washington State
12) Colorado

Check out my complete, conference by conference rankings here.

Notes On The Rankings:

- I moved Alabama down to four, which a spot lower than I would have moved LSU if they had lost in Tuscaloosa in a similar fashion. It was a home game, so they fell below Stanford. It may not last very long if Oregon beats Stanford this weekend, which I think they will.

- I have little to no faith in any team after Boise State at #8. I suppose Clemson comes out of that group on top, but it's hard to get that egg laid against Georgia Tech out of my head. Virginia Tech, USC, and Penn State at the 10-12 spots? Whoa, this season has gone ham. 

- Yes, Arizona State technically had the biggest fall (although if I could, I would make A&M fall farther) in the poll this weekend, but that's what happens when you lose such a crucial game to UCLA. Just our luck that the Bruins would finally start to get it together two weeks before we head to Westwood.

 Who would you move up or down?