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Buffaloes Lose to Rams 65-64

Tad Boyle
Tad Boyle

The Colorado Buffaloes lost a close game tonight to the Colorado State Rams 65-64. This was a game Colorado should have easily won tonight. Free throw shooting almost lost them the game against Georgia and it lost them the game tonight. The Buffaloes shot a dreadful 13-29 from the line. They also had 15 turnovers and played another mistake filled first half. As always, there were bright spots in the game, but no consistent play. Overall, this was just a really bad performance.

Things the Buffaloes did well: In the first half, the Buffaloes played terrible on offense; however, on the defensive side they played well and it kept them in the game. Also, Spencer Dinwiddie put together a second straight good game leading the team with 16 points. Him and Booker are going to have to contribute this season if the Buffaloes want to be successful. Roberson picked up 12 rebounds and played great on the glass.

Things the Buffaloes struggled with: Every game this team continues to surprise me. The team's play in the second half against Georgia compared with the play in this game were completely opposite. The little things finally came back to hurt the Buffaloes. Careless turnovers, missed free throws, and ill advised shots were the reason the Buffaloes lost this game. After starting out the year on a roll, Carlon Brown has been trying to do much and take over games. He needs to trust his teammates and give it up at certain times. Roberson only had one point; but, he didn't get many opportunities to score. Overall, no one played a good game. It is still early in the season and hopefully Boyle can work out all these mistakes before conference play begins. One more thing, on the last play, Tomlinson was supposed to take the ball up the court faster and definitely supposed to beat his man. There is no way Boyle would draw up a play that had Tomlinson taking a shot over a big man. The switch was anticipated, but Tomlinson couldn't get by his man. It was a good play, just couldn't be executed.

Up Next: The Buffaloes will play the Fresno State Bulldogs on December 7th, at the Coors Event Center. The Buffaloes play much better at home so they should win this game. However, you never know with this team. They could come out and play like today or play like they did against Georgia.